Bali truly is The Island of the Gods.

Abundantly blessed with natural and cultural riches, the Balinese natural landscape is as exuberant as its Hindu ceremonies are colourful.
This unique combination offers endless opportunities for exploration.
Beach life, temple sightseeing, boat cruises, spa treatments, joining artists at work and rice field walks are only a handful of the many activities that are synonymous to Bali.

Our aim is to inspire our guests. To help you discover a side of the island that few visitors see – a glimpse of the life of a Balinese family, witnessing Hindu festivals in a hideaway village, or trekking Mount Batur at dawn to watch a Bali sunrise on top of a volcano.
This is what we know and live for: bringing our guests into our home to have a memorable experience. We have designed this selection of roundtrips and daily activities for you to choose from.

We hope browsing through this selection will help you to shape your ideas of where to go and what to visit along the way.
There’s something for every taste and occasion, and we are happy to make any customized programme as per your request. Contact our specialists at to decide where to start your exploration.

Enjoy your discovery!