Day 01 Bali – Kaliklatak (L)
After breakfast, we pick you up at your hotel and bring you to Gilimanuk harbour for your crossing to Java island. Upon arrival, we drive through to Banyuwangi, where you will visit the colourful fruit and vegetable market by becak. Some 15 km to the west lies Kaliklatak. Here you will enjoy lunch and visit vast coffee, rubber and cocoa plantations. Centuries old factories still provide a healthy production and as a visitor you can still witness the traditional harvesting of coffee or clove, depending on the time of year. This area is situated at 600 meters above sea level, and the nature landscapes are breathtaking. Palm trees and tropical rainforest plantation form a natural barrier to the rest of the world. When you pass through the village, you will notice that thanks to the plantation the village, with its own hospital and school, can live completely independent of the outside world, and yet the local people are always ready to receive you with a smile. Here you will spend the night in a colonial style plantation workers house.
Overnight at Kaliklatak in a Planters Room.

Day 02
Kaliklatak – Bali (B)
At midnight you undertake one of the most inspiring trips one can make in Java. By jeep you ascend to the Ijen plateau in the dark. From there, you walk about 2 hours before reaching the top of Mount Ijen. Along the way you will meet the sulphur people, local people who perform Java’s toughest job and carry baskets with 60 kg of the ‘yellow gold’ up to the crater’s edge and down the slopes of the mountain.The exploitation of this sulfur is done at the base of the crater lake. After you climb down the steep descent, you are rewarded with the magnificent beauty of Ijens Blue Fire coming straight out of the earth. The air is also full of fine yellow crystals created by the yellow steam rising from deep in the Earth, so make sure to protect your mouth with the face masks we hand to you. At around 5.30 the sun will come up and you can complete your picture set with sunrise pictures above the opal green crater lake of Ijen. This sight will be the icing on the cake of your Java experience. Once back in the car we drive you back to the plantation, where you can enjoy breakfast and relax until via Ketapang herbour and the ferry to Gilimanuk, we bring you back to Bali.


      - Optional:
Along the way we can stop at the impressive catholic

         church of Palasari, sail through the mangroves in one of the Buginese

         fishing boats that lie at anchor in Perancak harbor, visit a nearby

         turtle conservation project, and see the sunset at the picturesque

         sea temple of Tanah Lot.