A ROMANTIC OUTING (12h)                                         

In the morning we bring you to the southernmost part of Bali, home to some of the islands best beaches. We first descend to an exclusive hidden white sand beach that can only be accessed by percolator. Here you can swim, relax and enjoy lunch at an exclusive beach club. After a stroll on the famous Padang Padang surfer’s beach, renowned as the worlds best location for tubing, we move on to Pura Uluwatu. This important directional sea temple is impressively located on the western edge of a limestone pensinsula. Beware of the holy but naughty monkeys guarding the site! At sunset an ensemble of actors and a choir perform the hypnotic Kecak dance here. From the amphitheatre you look down into the arena, where 50 bare-chested men clad in black and white skirts rhythmically utter the ‘cak cak’ sound. As the sun sets magically on the Indian Ocean, you do feel the trance effect of the chanting. Afterwards we bring you to a secluded cliffside restaurant where you can enjoy dinner while overlooking the crashing waves below a starry night.

Departure from hotel at 9.30am