CROWN JEWELS OF THE EAST (9h)                

This full day trip offers a mix of nature and culture. Your first stop is the mother temple Besakih on the slopes of the Gunung Agung volcano. Located at 900 meters above sea level, this temple complex is the biggest and most important on the island. It counts about 35 temples. For Balinese Hindus, this is the most important temple site in the world. According to their belief, once a year the full pantheon of Hindu gods comes down from heaven to Besakih to bless the entire world. Then onwards to Kastala, a gorgeous village surrounded by terraced rice fields. From here you will undertake a guided walk through breathtaking natural scenery to an ancient Balinese Aga village, where you will learn from a priest how the ancient Hindu scriptures are handwritten onto lontar palm manuscripts. Along the way back to your hotel you’ll make a stop at Goa Lawah, meaning Bat Cave. Inside this impressive sea temple, you’ll see thousands of bats hanging just behind the temple that was built in front of the cave. And don’t forget to stop at the fishermans village of Kusamba, to enjoy the local fish delicacies ikan pepes and sate lilit.

Departure from hotel at 8am