Day 01 IN - Ambon
upon arrival in Ambon, you will be picked up by driver (with guide) and transferred to your hotel.
Aston Hotel : Located in Natsepa beach outside of Ambon city, luxurious hotel and has a great beach and rooms. It has a big swimming pool and restaurant.
Aman’s hotel: located in Ambon city. Good middle class hotel with swimming pool

Day 02 Ambon Excursion
after breakfast you will be picked up by a guide who will take you on a relaxed 2 hour bike trip following a scenic secondary road (partly coastal road).the trip starts from Nusaniwe cape (nice view with lots of palm trees), passes airlow (known for brick making at local homes) and a baileo (traditional meeting house covered with sagu leaves) and seri village (small local village).the trip ends at Pintu Kota (magnificent scenery) where your car picks you up and takes you back to your hotel. free afternoon.
overnight at Aston - Aman’s

Day 03 Ambon excursion
breakfast at your hotel, drive up to Soya village visit a traditional meeting palace and the house of the former Soya kings. this house is still habited by the king’s family. from here you hike around 2 hours to the top of Sirimau mountain, a pleasant walk passing forest and partly following stairs. from the hill you can see Ambon island and Ambon city. nearby visit Hukurilla to see a distillation process of sopi, a home-made gin, which is done in a very traditional way.
back to your car you will drive to several other sights like an old (refurbished) church and several traditional houses. stop at Waai village to see the local people feed the holy eels with fresh chicken eggs, visit the hot springs Tulehu, tengah-tengah village (great view), Tial beach (fisherman village) and finally Natsepa beach were you taste rujak, a traditional spicy fruit salad).
overnight at Aston - Aman’s

Day 04 Ambon Excursion, dance performance
explore a different part of Ambon: drive to north coast of Ambon to Hitu, Hila (fort Amsterdam) & Kaitetu village (old mosque Wapawe 1614), or visit some sights near Ambon city like the common-wealth war Cemetery in Tantui, the statues of local hero’s Pattimura and Marta Christina Tijahahu in Karang Panjang.
in the afternoon you drive to the village of Amahusu. here a local dance group, Sanggar Dravotaris, practice several times a week. if informed they are more then happy to give a performance of 4 different dances.
overnight at Aston - Aman’s

Day 05 Ambon - Saparua
in the morning your driver will pick you up and take you to the small harbour of Tulehu. from here you take a fast boat (no boats on Sunday) to Saparua island. this trip only takes around 50-60 minutes. upon arrival at Haria harbour you will be taken to your hotel and in the afternoon you visit Fort Duurstede.
Perdana hotel : located in central town, the best hotel on Sapurua, it has rooms with private amenities but non hot water.
Puti lessi Indah :located in Kulur (around 25 minute from the town), simple rooms with bamboo bungalows with own bathroom. restaurant has a great view and great location near a white sandy beach.

Day 06 Saparua excursion
in the morning you can visit a traditional and colorful market and continue to Ilhamahu village. here tante Merry will teach you how to cook several traditional dishes. across from tante Merry, mama Aca will show you how to make your sweet desert like sagu cakes, kenari-nut cookies etc.
in the cooler afternoon you will visit Ouw pottery village to see traditional pottery and a small museum at the private house of local hero Matulessy. it displays Pattimura’s war memorabilia (1817).
overnight at Perdana or Putti Lessy

Day 07 Saparua snorkel trip
after breakfast, snorkeling in Molana island.this island has white sandy beaches and no population, except for a small guesthouse with restaurant.it is only 15 minute by chartered boat from the pier of Haria. your lunch will be served in the small restaurant near the beach.
overnight at Perdana or Putti Lessy

Day 08 Saparua – Tulehu – Masohi - Saway
after breakfast, you will drive to Haria Jetty around 15 minute and then cross to Tulehu jetty using fast boat (express bahari) at 07.00 then arrive in Tulehu jetty. our contact will acompany and take you to another fast boat that departs at 09.00am. the crossing to the island of Seram will take around 2 hours. upon arrival at Amahai harbour you will drive to Saka in around 2 hours to the village of Saka, passing tropical rain forest. from Saka a long boat takes you in one hour to Sawai.
overnight in Lisar Bahari :located at Saway, it is a simple guest house build on the sea. you can see all kind of fishes, corals and beautiful over the bay and the island from any point of this guest house. rooms are inclusive 3 meals per day.
overnight at Ora Beach
several nice cottages and rooms near the beach (cottages are built on poles in the sea). although still simple Ora offers some more comfort then Lisar. the cottages have there own bathoom, but no hot water.

Day 09 Sawai  - Salawai river - Jungle walking
after breakfast you will board long boat and explore Salawai river. there is a reasonable chance that you will see several kinds of birds and reptiles. along the way see how local people proces a sago palm tree into fine powder. after around 3 hours you stop at the river bank and walk in 1,5 hours to a waterfal. you can have a swim here and continue walking for another 1,5 hours until you reach a shelter. near this shelter is a 30 meters high canopy platform which allows you for perfect bird watching in the early morning. sometimes it is possible to sleep on this platform. sleep in a simple hut by the jungle or you can sleep in canopy platform (Tiapiate) to see and watch more birds and animals for tomorrow.
overnight in a simple hut by the jungle. this simple hut just a wooden house with roof. you stil have to bring your own mosquite net and your inflatable matress
NB: sleeping and using the platform will cost extra as staff needs to be paid. you need to inform your guide one day before if you want to climb up or not (staff has to come from Saway).

Day 10 Jungle – Bird watching – Masihulan - Saway
optional climbing to the platform (with extra cost). return via a different path, last part can be travelled by motorcycle if prefered. stop at Rehabilitation Bird Center (RBC).
overnight in Ora or Lisar Bahari
Day 11 Saway full day snorkeling
after breakfast you depart by long boat to Batu Supun, a beautiful snorkeling spot. then, you will visit Pulau Raja, an inhabited small island with white sandy beach where you enjoy a picnic lunch and see flying foxes sleeping in the trees. after lunch you will be taken back to your hotel.
overnight at Ora Beach or Lisar Bahari

Day 12 Sawai  Trekking / Alifuro tribe, continue to Masohi
today you will explore the traditional village of Hoalu, this village is inhabited by the Alifura tribe, that still practice head hunting until the 1940’s. Modernisation has entered the village but the tribe still follows many traditions.they grow agriculture products and search the forest for fruits, small animals and other products. explore the village, join the villagers to their fields. during the dry season the car can reach the village, during rain you need to walk around 45 minutes. you will enjoy a traditional lunch in one of the houses or in the meeting house. after lunch you return to your hotel.
overnight at Lounusa, simple guesthouse near the coast.

Day 13 Masohi - Ambon
after breakfast you will proceed to the harbour and will board to Ambon by fast boat at 14.00pm and arrive at Ambon island from where you will be taken to your hotel.
overnight at Aston or Aman’s

Day 14  Ambon - OUT
after breakfast, transfer to airport for your next destination