Day 1 :    Arrival Medan      
Today you arrive in Medan, the main city in northern Sumatra. Then direct transfer to your hotel and relax. Accomodation at Tiara or Soechi Hotel

Day 2 : Medan City Tour
Medan city tour visiting Maimun palace built by the sultan of Deli in 1888, grand mosque AlMashum built in 1906 in Moroccan style, Bank Indonesia (in the past called Bank Java built by architectural from Hulswit, Fermont & Cuypers), the townhall from 1908 with the clocktower donated by the wealthy Chinese businessman Tjong A Fie, Dharma Deli hotel known as De Boer hotel in the past (built in 1898), the mansion house of Tjong A Fie and old post office and Tip Top restaurant formerly Dutch Club. Accomodation at Tiara or Soechi Hotel

Day 3 : Medan – Bukit Lawang
Today you arrive in Medan, the main city in northern Sumatra. Followed by a city tour of Medan visiting Maimun palace, historical mosque AlMashum and Buddhist temple vihara Gunung Timur. Afterwards, departure to Bukit Lawang, the orang utan rehabilitation centre located in Gunung Leuser National Park. This is one of the largest national park in the world containing over 800,000 ha of virgin rainforest. Afternoon to relax.  Accomodation at Eco Lodge, simple accommodation but nicely located by the river side on the outskirts of the park.

Day 4 : Bukit Lawang – Berastagi 
First you’ll visit the feeding platform where the orang utans are fed and trained to live in the wild. It is a marvelous sight to see the orang utans coming out of the forest by swinging from branch to branch to the platform. Afterwards, jungle walk about two hours deeper in the park to explore more tropical flora and fauna. You’ll probably see wild orang utans, macaques, hornbills and many kind of tropical plants. You will walk via small often muddy and hilly paths (seldom flat walking). Good physical fitness is required. After the walk, short rest before departure to the mountain resort Berastagi. Accomodation at Grand Mutiara. Notice: Those bringing camera/video in the orang utan site will be charged Rp 50,000 for camera and 150,000 for video.

Day 5 : Berastagi – Samosir Island    
Scenic drive to lake Toba, one of the deepest and largest crater lake in the world with stop at Dokan, a Batak Karo village with a number of traditional houses still being inhabited where eight families live together in harmony in each house. Proceed to Sipiso piso waterfall and the long house of king Batak Simalungun. Arrive in Parapat, across the lake by public boat to Samosir island. The boat will probably stops several time to drop other passengers. You will be dropped right in front of your hotel. Accomodation at Tabo Cottage or Toledo Inn, simple accommodation but nicely located by the lake side

Day 6 : Samosir Tour
Drive around the island to explore the natural beauty and cultural aspects of Batak Toba by visiting Ambarita village where the remnant megalithic culture of Batak Toba lies in front of traditional houses. Continue to Simanindo to see folkdance performed by the villagers. Here you also can visit a museum built in typical Batak style. On returning to your hotel, stop at Tomok village to see a very old but nicely decorated sarchopagus.
Samosir excursion will be done by car for maximum 5 paxs, more than 5 by boat.

Day 7 : Samosir – Sipirok
Across back to Parapat by public boat and drive up to Sipirok with view of marching mountains Bukit Barisan, a long but beautiful trip. First stop will be at a typical Batak village Jangga Dolok/Lumban Binanga. Next stop at colourful market place in Balige and sulphur hotspring in Sipoholon. Accomodation at Torsibohi Hotel, nicely located on top of a hill. The cottages are spacious and offer enough comfort but still are simple accommodation.

Day 8 : Sipirok – Bukittinggi 
The journey today is rather long but worthwhile to exhibits the inner part of Sumatra. The scenery of mountains, rivers, valleys and traditional villages will relieve you from weariness. Enroute stop at Sijornih waterfall and Sihepeng with small herb garden where several kinds of herbs are grown (kardemon, ginger, vanille etc). Here, often there is also a short tailed monkey present who are specially trained to collect coconuts. Next you will pass by a moslem school where the students are living in very small houses. The last stop before Bukittinggi is Bonjol where you will cross the equator. Accommodation at Royal Denai or Pusako Hotel

Day 9 : Minangkabau Tour
City tour to visit the clock tower Jam Gadang which overlooks the colourful market  Pasar Atas, Dutch fort called De Kock, Sianok valley and Pandai Sikat, a village famous with its hand weaving and wood carving. Travel further to Pagaruyung palace, a site of ancient Minangkabau kingdom where women ruled in matrilineal society. Afternoon back to Bukittinggi

Day 10 : Harau Valley Tour
Fullday tour to Harau, a nature and wildlife reserve surrounded by 100-200 meters high granite walls. It is an excited valley with fresh air and exquisite landscape located about 57 km from Bukittinggi via Payakumbuh. Upon arrival, you’ll be guided for a two hours walk through the surroundings with its secondary forest which ends at waterfall. On the way you’ll see vast view of paddy field with people working on it, village and beautiful landscape. Afterwards back to Bukittinggi.

Day 11    : Bukittinggi – Bangko
Departure to Bangko via trans Sumatra highway. You will pass by town of Muara Bungo. The scenery will be a bit boring but you can make several stops enroute. Accomodation at Cantika Hotel, simple accomodation with simple facilities and limited services. The hotel’s restaurant only serves breakfast. Lunch and dinner should be arranged at local restaurant

Day 12 : Visit the Kubu Tribe
A two hour trip will take you to the edge of the Bukit Dua Belas National Park. From here you start walking in to a Kubu settlement. The exact location can never be predicted on forehand as they are semi nomads and often change their location, so it is possible that you have to drive longer/shorter or walk longer/shorter then expected. The local escort that joins you should be able to know where find a Kubu settlement. Upon arrival you hand over the gifts and have some time to mingle with the local people. Afterwards return to your hotel.
The Kubu (or Anak Dalam / Orang Rimba): is the name of an isolated tribe whose members are still little touched by the influences of modernity. Even today they have almost no contact with outsiders. They live in the forests of southern Sumatra since prehistoric times as hunter-gatherers and nomadic farmers. The people still lead the nomadic life and move to a new site whenever there is something wrong in their current place, or someone dies. This activity is called Melangun.

Day 13 : Bangko – Lubuk Linggau 
Drive to Lahat via trans Sumatra highway. You’ll pass by Surolangun. Enroute stop at interesting places. Overnight at Abadi Hotel

Day 14 : Lubuk Linggau – Bengkulu
Drive to Bengkulu, a province founded by the British in 1685 and located on the southwest coast of Sumatra passing by Curup village with its fresh weather. Arrive in Bengkulu, direct transfer to your hotel located near the beach. Accomodation at Grage Horizon Hotel

Day 15 : Bengkulu City Tour
We will bring you to enjoy the atmosphere of lovely old town once governed by Sir Stamford Raffles as the founder of Singapore visit to Fort Marlborough, the house of ex-president of Indonesia Soekarno, local market and Nala beach.

Day 16 : Bengkulu – Lahat
Leave Bengkulu for Lahat, part of Pasemah plateau. You’ll pass by Pagar Alam situated on the slope of mountain Dempo with its huge tea plantation. If time permitted, you’ll stop there and pay a visit to Tegur Wangi for megalith stones. Overnight at Bukit Serelo Hotel

Day 17 : Lahat – Palembang
Continue journey to Palembang, the second biggest city in Sumatra situated on shore of wide Musi river. In the eighteenth century this city was an important trade center for Dutch. Upon arrival, hotel check-in and relax. Accomodation at Arya Duta

Day 18 : Tour & Musi River Tour
Palembang citytour visiting Ampera bridge, fort Kuto Besak, museum Sultan Mahmud Badarudin and home industry of traditional hand weaving. Followed by a boat tour on Musi river till Kemaro island. Afternoon, back to your hotel and relax. Accomodation at Arya Duta

Day 19 : Palembang, departure
Free to relax until time to leave for airport. Tour Ends


        - Private airco car

        - Room with daily breakfast

        - English-speaking guide

        - Applicable entrance fees

        - National Park permit

        - Boat to/from Samosir island

        - Escort to visit the Kubu tribe

        - Gift to the Kubu and Boat trip on Musi river Palemban