(Jungle Walk from Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan)


Day 01  Arrival Medan
Today you arrive in Medan, the main city in northern Sumatra. Followed by a city tour of Medan visiting the Maimun palace built by the Sultan of Deli in 1888, Grand Mosque AlMashum built in 1906 in Moroccan style and colorful Buddhist temple Vihara Gunung Timur. Afterwards, transfer to your hotel and relax. Accomodation at Tiara or Soechi Hotel

Day 02 Medan – Bukit Lawang
Departure to Bukit Lawang, the orang utan rehabilitation centre located in Gunung Leuser National Park. This is one of the largest national park in the world containing over 800,000 ha of virgin rainforest. You’ll pass by landscape with vast view of oilpalm and rubber plantation. Upon arrival, check-in hotel and short relax. Followed by a visit to the feeding platform where the orang utans are fed and trained to live in the wild. It is a marvelous sight to see the orang utans coming out of the forest to the platform by swinging from branch to branch. In the fruit season the orang utans may not come out as they may get enough foods from the forest but it happens rarely. After the feedings, back to your hotel and relax. Camera / video: those bringing camera/video in the orang utan site will be charged Rp 50,000 for camera and 150,000 for video. Accomodation at Eco Lodge, simple accommodation but nicely located by the river side on the outskirts of the park. The rooms comes up with traditional Indonesia shower with only cold water.

Day 03 Jungle walk Bukit Lawang – Landak river, sleep in Tent
Breakfast and preparation for jungle expedition from Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan, a perfect place to to get off the beaten track located at the other side of Gunung Leuser park. Today you’ll walk about 6 hours deep in the park through narrow, often muddy and hilly paths. You’ll probably see wild orang utans, macaques, hornbills and many kind of tropical plants. Packed lunch on trails. Walk ends by the river side in Landak river at where you set up a basic campsite. Tents are bamboo shells covered with tarpaulins stretched over a branch. The front and back of tent are so open, but offering adequate protection against the rain. A real jungle camp!

Day 04 Continue walk to Aras Pinang, sleep in Tent
Breakfast served by the guide. Continue another 6 hours walk to the next camp, Aras Pinang. Still you’ll explore tropical flora and fauna during the walk. Steep, slopes and dense vegetation still bring you the excitement of jungle. Lunch on trails. Walk ends by the river side and opportunity for you to help with setting up the tent and preparation of jungle dinner.

Day 05 Continue walk to the next camp Kerapu river, sleep in Tent
Continuing walk to the next camp for signs of wildlife in the surrounding areas, whilst also collecting jungle vegetables for dinner and useful jungle medical remedies. You still can enjoy the sights, smell and sounds of rainforest. Walk ends near the banks of Kerapu river with clear water to swim in. Dinner served by local guide, simple but tasty.

Day 06 Walk further to Musam river, sleep in Tent
Breakfast served by the guide. Continue another 6 hours walk to Musam river still following jungle trails. You’ll probably encounter some tropical wildlifes. Packed lunch on trails. Like days before, you also set up tent by the river side. Final night in the jungle.

Day 07 Continue walk – by jeep to Tangkahan
Final walk of your rainforest adventure. Walk ends near oilpalm plantations from where you’ll be taken by local jeep to Tangkahan. You’ll drive over plantation tracks and rural areas, a bit bumpy but great fun. Arrive in Tangkahan, across the river by canoe to your accommodation. Afternoon to relax. Accomodation at Mega Inn or Jungle Lodge, basic accommodation built with simple materials. Each room has own bathroom but comes up with traditional Indonesia shower with cold water only. Electricity run by own generator and not available after 22:00 pm.

Day 08 Tangkahan Free Day
There are plenty of options. Elephant ride patrolling the forest or to see/to help mahout for the elephant bathing in the river, raft tube down the river, visiting jungle waterfall and hotsprings. All costs incurred for these options will be at personal account.
Notice: the elephant ride is available daily except Monday and Thursday. Booking is only possible to be made on site, not possible in advance.  

Day 09 Tangkahan – Medan airport
Leaving for Medan in 4 hours drive. On the first 2 hours, driving over bumpy plantation tracks. Followed by normal road till you reach Medan. Upon arrival direct transfer to airport. End of services


        - Private airco car

        - Room with daily breakfast

        - English speaking guide

        - Applicable entrance fees

        - National Park permit

        - Basic camping equipment & crews

        - Local jeep

        - Lunch & dinner during trekking/camping only


        - In this expedition, you will walk via small often muddy

          and hilly paths (seldom flat walking).

        - An average to high level physical fitness is required.
        - Conditions can be hote and at times exhausting in a tropical,

          rainforest climate.


Shoes with good profile, Long sleeves (trousers & shirt), Sock protectors, Rain coat (poncho) & Rain cover for backpack, Insects repellent and other needs, Torch, Sleeping bag if needed, First aid kit, Sport sandal/slipper (for river crossing), Dry bag (for wallet, mobile phone, camera etc).