Our neighbor island Lombok is noticeably different from Bali. Its northern part is mountainous and lush, while the south is arid and covered by savannas. Large Asian mammals are absent and replaced by marsupials, lizards, cockatoos and parrots. As you move further east, the difference becomes more pronounced. Here dry seasons are more prolonged and corn and sago are the staple food instead of rice.

At around the time Islam first came to these islands in the 16th century, four Hindu Kingdoms co-existed in apparent peace in what is now West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok experienced strong Balinese influences, but has retained a unique identity. The indigenous people of Lombok, the Sasaks, are predominantly Moslem and have a strong, distinguished tradition, as do the people of neighboring Sumbawa.

Soft, white sand, virgin beaches are typical of Lombok, where the motto is: you can see Bali from Lombok, but not Lombok from Ball. Famous for its hand-woven ikat textiles, the island has exceptional charm and is relatively undiscovered, except for the town of Senggigi, which has become a major resort area.

We know the way to the most beautiful spots and it’s our pleasure and privilege to show them all to you, be it as part of a roundtrip or on one of our many day excursions. Considering that Bali is just a 40-minute flight or a two-hour fast boat ride away, as are the ever more popular Gili islands – known as party central – the possibilities for discovery and enchantment are near endless.