Day 01 – Arrival Makassar and transfer to hotel
Upon arrival in Makassar you will be picked up by car and driver and taken in circa 30 minutes to your hotel in the city centre. When there is enough time you can make a stop at the pinisi port Paotere. The Fort Rotterdam is on walking distance and you can visit this on your own.

Day 02 - Culinary trip Makassar; experience and taste Makassar
Learn to cook typical Indonesian dishes in a Bugis families’ home, bargain about the price of fish and vegetables at local markets, drink hot ginger in the afternoon, discover the ease of public transportation and experience the real atmosphere of Makassar.

Day 03 - Makassar, excursion Bulusaraung-Bantimurung park: Indonesians finest limestone cliffs.
In the morning you will drive to the new Bulusaraung-Bantimurung National park. You will walk over dirt roads across rice fields and along limestone cliffs. The limestone cliffs are of an unique beauty and accommodate a lot of flora and fauna, including several endemic species. You will drink tea and eat a snack at a local families home. In addition you will visit a small cave with some prehistoric drawings. After that a small canoe will paddle you through the limestone cliffs back to the car. On the way back to Makassar you can make a stop at the butterfly centre of Bantimurung.

Day 04: From Makassar to Malino
In the morning you will drive to the cool mountain town Malino. Here you will be awaited by a local guide who takes you on a trekking tour of a few hours through rice fields, waterfalls and old Buginese houses. You will spend the night in a comfortable villa in the middle of the rice fields with stunning views.

Day 05: From Malino to Bira: the most beautiful rice fields of Sulawesi.
Via a beautiful secondary road with wide views you will drive from Malino to Bira. It’s a full day of travelling with here and there bad roads, but the landscape will not bore you. On circa 30 minutes of Malino you will start with a easy walk over a small paved road through a gorgeous rice field landscape. Before reaching Bira you will make a stop at a traditional pinisi building in Tanah Beru. You will spend the night in Bira in nice cottages bordering Bira’s beautiful with sandy beaches in a calm and isolated location. Its refined sand has a remarkable cream-like colour.

Day 06- Bira: the most white sandy beach of whole Sulawesi
Snorkeling in Bira is definitely worth the effort, to reach the best snorkelspots you can rent a small boat that takes you to a nearby island. On this sparsely inhabited island women are often weaving under their house (the house are build on stilts). Have your boatsmen cath a fish and bbq on the beach. In the hinterland of your guesthouse endemic black monkeys are often spotted in the late afternoon.

Day 07 - From Bira to Sengkang
From Bira you will drive more north to Sengkang. It is quite a long trip but again you will passing beautiful landschapes. Not far from Bira you will stop at the only rubber plantation of the island and in the district of Sinjai you will make a short walk through the traditional village Kajang, where people and nature live close together. Arrival will be in the afternoon. Sengkang is a small and quiet town with a population that is almost 100% Islamic Bugis who dominantly live in traditional wooden pile dwellings. It is the capital of the district of Wajo, one of the most influential Bugis states of the sixteen-century.

Day 08 - From Sengkang to Toraja, Tempelake excursion in the morning, Bugis lunch at a local family
Early in the morning you will walk from the hotel to a small local pier were you board traditional colorful motorized canoes. The canoe trip will take you through the small Walennea River to the Tempe Lake, a lake that covers an area of at least 1.000 ha in the dry season and expands to around 35.000 ha during the wet season when all surrounding areas are flooded. On the lake you can observe the local fisherman catch fish in different ways using nets, fishing roads and bamboo fences. More than 20 species of water birds can be seen at this lake. Some of the fishermen live in floating houses near the edge of the lake. You will visit a floating house to drink tea and coffee together with its inhabitants.

From Sengkang you continue to Rantepao passing the village of Siwa where you will have a great Bugis lunch in Sengkang at people’s home (seated on mats if preferred), you will drive further to the north to the town of Rantepao, the hart of Toraja land. You will arrive here in the late afternoon and spend the night in a friendly central located small hotel.

Day 09 & 10 - Toraja: exuberant traditions
You will discover the several areas of Toraja, visits graves, traditional houses, buffalo markets and with some luck the most miraculous funeral ceremonies, with pink spotted buffaloes as its most pretentious offer. The lunch will be in a small Torajan village where the residents prepare a typical Torajan dish with amongst others papiong manuk, chicken prepared in a bamboo tube.

Day 11 - Toaraja, trekking of circa 4-5 hours
Today you will walk through a typical Torajan landscape under guidance of your Torajan guide. Your car will take you to the starting point of the trekking. You will walk over narrow paths, balance over rice field dikes and pass small villages with traditional houses surrounded by bamboo forests. Along the way you will enjoy a simple picnic lunch.

Day 12. From Toraja to Makassar/ airport
A long but interesting drive of circa 8-9 hours will take you back to Makassar.