Day 01 – Arrival in Makassar
From the airport of Makassar you will be taken to your hotel in centre of town. On the way you stop at the old harbour of Paotere and Fort Rotterdam. The rest of the day is free for you to spend. You can visit more places of interest or relax in your comfortable hotel with pool.
Makassar (called Ujung Pandang between 1972 and 1999) is the lively capital of South-Sulawesi and because of its central location the city functions as a gate to the eastern islands of Indonesia already for centuries. Makassar also has a rich historical past with two powerful kingdoms that were able to resist the Dutch colonial forces for many years. The fort of Rotterdam (Benteng Ujung Pandang) in the centre of Makassar is a well-preserved remain of that past.

Day 02 – Makassar – Pangkajene – Bamba Puang
Early in the morning you will leave for the district of Maros on the way to Toraja. Maros is known for its National Park Bantimurung-Bulusaraung which is dominated by impressive lime stone cliffs. You will be walking into this amazing area via rice fields and small villages. You will visit several well hidden caves in which you can find prehistorical prints. By small canoe, passing nearby limestone cliffs you will leave this area and continue your tour by car. In a small nicely located village restaurant you will enjoy a home made lunch. From the restaurant you will continue your trip for 4-5 hours to the small village of Bamba Puang, gorgeous located in the mountains.

Day 03 – Bamba Puang – Sangalla – Rantepao
Via a small secondary and sometimes bumpy road you continue the first 2 hours in direction of Rantepao. You will pass through villages, see people working on their lands and have enough opportunity to walk short distances and enjoy the wonderful views. Afterwards you will cross the main road and follow this winding road until you turn to another scenic secondary road that will bring you into the heart of Toraja. You will pass Sanggala and the Torajan sights of Suaya and Tampang’allo, where you can see ancient graves and tau-tau puppets. After lunch nearby with rice field views you will continue you way and will reach Rantepao within half an hour.

Day 04 – Toraja, sightseeing
During this day you will visit some more Toraja villages and interesting sites in the northern part of of Toraja. Just like the villages and sites in the southern part of Toraja, these picturesque villages are located in an amazing mountainous landscape dominated by rice terraces and bamboo forests. You will see the ancient graves, and beautiful decorated tongkanan, ancestral house, with rice barns lined in front and visit a site with stone menhirs, a long time ago dedicated to important kings. In the surroundings of Batutumonga, with its spectacular views you have the opportunity for some nice short walks via rice fields.

For lunch you will enjoy a Torajan meal served in traditional house in a small kampung on a short distance of Toraja. Most famous is the pa’piong manuk: chicken with grated banana stem cooked in a bamboo tube. Cooked young fern and red rice are the perfect match for this chicken dish. If you arrive on time you can witness your meal being prepared.

Day 05– Toraja – Airport Makassar
In the early morning you will drive by aircon car back to the airport of Makassar. This interesting and varied route will take around 8 to 9 hours. You will arrive in Makassar or airport in the afternoon.